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Best Tattoo Training Institute in Bangalore

Bob Tattoo Studio holds top ranked as best tattoo training institute in Bangalore.We offer proficient tattoo Training in Bangalore, India, for hopeful tattoo specialists having an interest and capacity in drawing and outlining.

This course will encourage you to coordinate the most crucial expert principles in the tattoo business, furnishing you with broad information about how to tattoo and how to be a piece of the specialist tattoo business club across the globe. If it’s not too much trouble, note that tattoo training to have the option to submerge yourself totally into learning the specialty of inking and be prepared to buckle down for the full range of this timetable with 100% of your ability and devotion. In this period, you ought to keep up great individual cleanliness and not be pre-busy with another work of any sort.

Why Choosing Bob will be your right Decision for best tattoo training institute in Bangalore!!!

Why Bob Tattoo Studio?

Assuming you think tattoos are something other than ink, you have effectively stood out enough to be noticed. As far as we might be concerned, tattoos are a piece of an individual, a delightful extra and story engraved on the body. At Bob, we intend to emphasize your affection for tattoos by showing you the excellence it holds and training the dominance required.

Our craftsmen start by showing you the fundamental drawing ability honing techniques before moving onto ink and needles. If you have consistent hands in drawing or assuming you are a craftsman effectively, welcome to the club! We likewise assist you with building up your relational abilities, so you can proactively recommend thoughts or effectively handle what your client is genuinely searching for.

Be that as it may, being a tattoo craftsman implies you do not just need to take care about keeping your hand consistent. Yet, besides taking care of skin with care, utilizing safe ink and needles, recommending proper aftercare, what style would suit the client, and so forth. Remembering specialists and clients’ well-being, we use vegetarian and natural ink and cleaned needles, and top-notch machines. We uncover the tattoo methods for concealing tattoos, shaded tattoos, calligraphy, picture, and so forth and train you to acquire total capability.

Beginner Tattoo Training

  • Fundamentals of Drawing and the Importance of Sketching/Drawing to improve as a Tattoo Artist. Spotlights on Sketching, Perspectives, Composition, and so on
  • The History of tattoo Art, Understanding of current Tattoo scene around the world. The new age Career also, its Future Prospects.
  • Strategies for Lining and Filling.
  • Prologue to Tattoo Equipment. Inside and out Knowledge of different Tattoo – Machines and their
  • Separate Mechanism. Prologue to Needles/Cartridges and understanding the Taxonomy of it.
  • Comprehension of Coloring and Mixing Technique.
  • Basic comprehension of Skin, Anatomy of the Human Body. Significance of understanding the progression of the body for better planning. Disinfection, Aseptic Techniques.
  • Spotlights on Basic to the Advance degree of Stenciling. Viable utilization of Stencils on different body parts Use of Traditional Style of Stenciling. Investigating Thermal Printers and Digital Stenciling Techniques.
  • Significance of Hygiene and best its practices. After Care Procedure.
  • Tattoo practice on Synthetic Skin, Blackwork, Lining, and Filling Techniques.

Live on Customers. The last fourteen days will comprise inking on natural skin. You will work on 3 to 5 Tattoos on Real Skin. After each Tattoo, we will investigate your advancement, and dependent on that, we will direct you.

Professional Tattoo Training

We will provide Certificates and a Complete Kit.

DRAWING/SKETCHING Focuses on the significance of drawing/outlining in dominating tattoo artistry. One week of the severe picture and portraying practice and creating a complex plan utilizing essentials of drawing. Spotlights on Photo authenticity drawing, viewpoints, piece, and so on comprehension of lights, shadows, and authenticity drawing. Still life, live portraying, and so forth will be part of the activity.

Advanced ART – Fundamentals of Digital artistry. Understanding the significance of obtaining information and mastery in advanced applications to upgrade your specialty abilities and attach the planning cycle. Zero in on Adobe Photoshop. Making super-definite, exact tattoo stencils utilizing different advanced and Manual Procedures.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – Understanding the distinction b/w Artist’s mentality and the Businessman’s outlook. Significance and best acts of client care and information/lead the executives.

Utilization of Social Media likes Facebook, Google, Twitter, and so on to support your business. What does it take to open your tattoo studio and make it a profitable endeavor? Step-by-step techniques to turn into a fruitful tattoo studio understanding.


  • History of tattoo artistry, comprehension of the current tattoo scene around the world. The new age vocation and its future possibilities.
  • Central comprehension of skin, life structures of the human body. Significance of understanding the progression of the body for better planning. Understanding of component of tattoo measure, how it works, and so forth
  • Prologue to tattoo hardware and tattoo interaction. Inside and out information on different tattoo machines and their separate system. Prelude to needles and cartridges and understand its surface, inside and out information about tattoo needles and cartridges.
  • Spotlights on fundamental to propel level of Stenciling. Pragmatic utilization of stencils on different body expressions. Utilization of customary way of Stenciling. Investigating warm printers and computerized stenciling methods and making coherent complex stencils of photograph practical and hyper-sensible tattoos.
  • Tattoo practice on the affected skin, Blackwork, Lining and Filling fundamental strategies. Utilization of different machines to see each type. Inking different mathematical shapes, advancing to dab work, and complex mathematical tattoos on manufactured skin
  • Comprehension of photograph authenticity, picture tattoo practice on the affected skin. Learn authenticity finishing strategies and the prescribed procedures to execute them.
  • Essentials of concealing, investigating different concealing procedures. Practice engineered skin.
  • Perception meetings, you will see the natural cycle of inking. These meetings are intuitive. You will notice senior specialists chipping away at moderate to progress tattoos.
  • Practice whatever you have gained from perception meetings. Execute learned procedures in your day by day practice meetings,
  • Comprehension of photograph authenticity, representation tattoo practice on the affected skin. Learn authenticity finishing methods and the accepted procedures to execute them.
  • Significance of cleanliness and best its practices. Spotlights on complete cleanliness measure one must
  • Observe according to laws of government.

The last fourteen days will comprise inking on natural skin; You will work on 4 to 6 tattoos on raw skin. Each Tattoo will be logically troublesome. After each Tattoo, we will dissect your advancement, and dependent on that, we will control you.

Work With Us

With a dream to extend BOB Tattoos with more tattoo specialists at work, we welcome applications from true and prepared tattoo artisans and committed tattoo aficionados for the accompanying positions:-

  1. Tattoo craftsman – requires excellent drawing abilities and capable concealing methods. Ought to likewise can make handcrafts as indicated by the customer’s particular necessities.
  2. Studio administrator – requires incredible public connection abilities, online long-range informal communication expertise, and powerful brand promoting methods. Ought to likewise know the nuts and bolts of Corel Draw, Photoshop, and Website Maintenance.

Don’t hesitate to send us your CV and portfolio to our email address or Whatsapp at +91 78294 95606