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Best Tattoo Shop Bangalore- Bob Tattoo Studio

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Has it been difficult to choose best tattoo shop Bangalore among several tattoo shops? So it totally depends on who provides the best tattoo services in the industry.

Bob Tattoo Studio provides the best services that come with lots of exciting features you wish you knew before. Ancient civilizations across the world have been practicing body art for ages. But it has never become a lost art like Egyptian hieroglyphs. But with times, the popularity of tattoos has spread like wildfire across the universe. From ancient Mayans to Maori, every civilization was famous for their unique way of decorating their body with specially designed tattoos. In today’s time, people from all walks of life love to get tattoos. Like ornaments, this has become something that complements your look. If you are a person with distinctive tests for getting inked or body piercing, no wonder you have come to the right place.

Bob’s studio is the one-stop-shop that gives shape to your cherished dreams. Established to offer premium quality inking services across the city of Bangalore, we at Bob Tattoo Studio have teamed up with a group of highly experienced tattoo artists. A wide range of services that we offer includes but is not limited to permanent tattoo services, temporary tattoo services, and body pearling. Get ready to pamper yourself with the luxury of exclusive services at the most affordable prices. Well-furnished with premium facilities, this could be the best palace to get your body inked with customized designs

Best Tattoo Shop Bangalore- Bob Tattoo Studio
Shiva om Tattoo Designs- Bob Tattoo Studio


Permanent Tattoo services for a bold look. Go permanent go bold! Well, if you want a lasting impression on yourself, a permanent tattoo would be the best choice for you. Like a temporary one, you can take a pick from our gallery or else go for custom for unique designs. Make sure to read tattoo care guidelines to keep infection at a bay and for faster healing. The colors that we use here are absolutely safe for your skin and do not have any side effects.

Body Piercing

Enjoy painless yet safe body piercing services at Bob Tattoo Studio. People have been piercing their bodies for ages. People usually get pierced by different parts of their body, however, ear and nose being the most popular ones. To wear a piece or two of your favorite ornaments, you need to have your body part pierced. We at Bob’s Studio housed an experienced piercing artist. An especially made instrument is used to make your piercing experience pain-free and fast. Besides, after each use, we sterilize the middles while maintaining strict health and hygiene norms set by the government. Hence we stood as best body piercing services in Bangalore.

Best Tattoo Shop Bangalore- Bob Tattoo Studio


Temporary tattoo services you would be dying for. Everyone is not interested to have a permanent mark on his or her skin. But this does not forbid them from getting inked. And that is where temporary tattoos come in to picture. Especially fabricated using approved materials; we have produced a plethora of body art for you to choose from in our gallery. Now you can enjoy stunning effects that make your loved one say wow. And the moment you feel you remove it, just wipe it up with our specially designed tattoo removal. Go custom, if you want your own design to be portrayed on you.

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