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Tattoo,a piece of fashion statement suffice to boost your confidence. If you are a person with an adventurous spirit, then you might be looking for something exciting to experience as you visit the Silicon Valley of India. From authentic south Indian foods to the pristine beauty of Nandi Hills, Bangalore has many things to offer. But if you are looking for something with a lasting impression then getting inked at the best-in-class tattoo studio in Bangalore would be the best decision for you. Practiced for ages, tattoos have been popular among people of all ages across the world. In modern times, it is considered as a fashion statement to get inked with style. But choosing the Best tattoo studio in Bangalore could be a bit difficult with a wide range of options available for you. There are a few things that you need to consider before making any decision and first and foremost, the shop which should give a positive vibe with its pleasant ambiance. Another important thing to consider is the artist. Yes, the artist that gives shape to your dream tattoo into reality should have both extensive expertise in the craft and of course, a pleasing personality. And Bob Tattoo Studio has it all. Just visit us to know more exciting deals and offers.

A glimpse of services that we offer

There are a wide range of options available for you to choose from while it comes to get inked. If you are a person who loves to have a permanent mark of the tattoos crafted on you, then our permanent tattoo service can be the best option for you. Choose your favorite designs from the collection of ours or just go for custom option. Sky is the limit while it comes to custom tattoos as you can literally have anything depicted on you. If you feel a slight modification of your personal design can make the magic, then feel free to consult with our artists they will be more than happy to help you shape your dream tattoos. Temporary tattoos are another most popular option that resembles the permanent ones. Last almost a week, you can simply have it removed using the remover that we offer. And the good thing is every piece of artwork is crafted painstakingly only to meet your requirement. So you never need to compromise with the quality. Another most important thing is materials that are used to make tattoos. Government approved organic materials are used so you never get any side effects.

Our Process

Why choose Bob Tattoo Studio/Tattoo Artist in Bangalore?

Located at the heart of the city, Bob Tattoo Studio has teamed up with the Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore. Considered the best by many of our clients, we have been growing fast while upgrading our knowledge to serve you the best. Our team of artists is well-versed in inking, so whatever might be your requirement you can have it fulfilled smoothly.  Maintaining proper health and hygiene is as important as getting tattooed itself, which is why we made it mandatory for all the artists to practice it religiously. So you can always enjoy getting inked without worrying about hygiene. With every passing day, everything is getting expensive and this art form is not an exception in this regard. Our customer-centric approach, however, proved to be beneficial. From time to time, we offer deals and discounts that help you save substantially as you get tattooed at the Best tattoo shop in Bangalore. Visit our gallery to have a glimpse of our past works and let us know if you like any. If nothing catches your eyes, then have personalized body art that you have been conjuring up.

 How Bob Tattoo Studio helps you to maintain your tattoo for a long time?

Well, as a client this might be the question of your heart. And the answer is, we, at Bob Tattoo Studio is one of the best tattoo studio in Bangalore which we offer a complete aftercare service to each and every valuable customer like you. Once we are done with the artwork, our expert will offer you a few important pointers regarding the maintenance of the tattoo. And at any time, if you have any issue, you can either drop us a line or visit us directly, we will be more than happy to serve you the best.


Best Tattoo Studio in Bangalore - Bob Tattoo Studio

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I am happy to express my feelings towards this tatoo center ,it was good and clean, i want to tell important thing about the person who put my tatoo ,BOB he is having nice skills and good nature ,thank you BOB😍😍”

Reddy prasad

 3 weeks ago

Awesome tattoo work and soo friendly… Do come visit if u want quality tattoo in ur budject All over… Professional works at peak ❤️❤️

Naveen Kumar S

 6 days ago

Thanks bob. It was a great experience. The tattoo came out really good! The place is hygienic and new needles were used. Appreciate the detailing and the precision in the work. A good piece of art indeed….”

Ashwini N

 3 weeks ago

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